Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Greener School

Focus week - caring for the environment

This week has been our focus week looking at how the school and all the people who use it can be 'greener.'

Class 1 have been focusing on wildlife and gardens and have been tending their vegetables as well as focusing on the abundant wildlife in our school grounds and how we can take care of it. They also made mini gardens (see photo above)

Class 2 have been looking at the three 'R's' Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They have managed to get some free recycling bins for all the classrooms and have produced leaflets to help their parents become recyclers.

Class 3 have investigated the idea of carbon footprints and have each made a pledge to try and reduce theirs for the week. Little things count and the pledges range from cutting the hours of TV they watch to switching off lights when they leave a room.

A clothing bank has been permanently installed in the school car park and the community have been invited to use it whenever they need to. Our school garden is being developed at a much quicker rate than we could have hoped for thanks to willing and very able parents.
We also had a visit from the county waste service and they got involved in making paper with the children as well teaching them about composting and doing some weaving work using old bicycle wheels!

As a school we did an audit of what we can do to be as green as possible then we gave ourselves a traffic light score. There were a lot of green and amber but a few on red. This will give us our targets as a whole school and will ensure that the focus on caring for our environment doesn't disappear.