Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Years 5 and 6 had the most wonderful time in Derbyshire.

The walk

In class 3 we went on a wonderful walk.
We started with Lose Hill, which
was 1,563ft. When we got half
way up we felt exhausted, but thanks
to the help and encouragement of our teachers and guide we reached the top and had a mars bar. We were so proud of ourselves achieving our goal. By Harry


One of our favourite parts at Chatsworth farm was
the tunnel leading to the amasing play park.
There was Archemedies Screw, which we controlled
to pull the water out of the stream.
After a really good team effort, we managed to
make a small moat/river. It was a fantastic start to the trip.
There were also many LOVELY animals.
our favourites were the guineapigs (we all got to hold
one). One was very naughty and ran away, but thank-
fully they found him. By Jordan