Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sports Day June 2010

Welcome to our sports day 2010

You may recall the changes we made to the sports day format last year which proved very successful. As the changes were in line with government initiatives, as well as our own beliefs, we have decided to follow the same format this year, incorporating a more competitive edge into sporting activities, whilst retaining a team spirit. We will also be incorporating a number of athletics skills that the children learn about in their P.E. lessons

Below is a brief outline of how the event will run:

All the children have been organised into 7 teams with each team having representatives in from each class

The team were asked to work together to pick two people from each class to represent the team in each event. All children had to take part in a minimum of 4 events.

There are 4 track and 4 field events. In each event there will be two rounds for each class. Children will compete against other children from their class on behalf of their team. Points will be scored for 1st -3rd places although all children will get one point for their team for taking part in each event. (Class 1 won’t be taking part in the shot or javelin events)

The bell will ring at the end of each round and a new field / track event will be set up. At any one time there will only be 7 runners and 1 child doing a ‘field’ activity. Scores will be updated at the end of every round if we can!

We hope to include relay races, an under 5s race and a parent egg and spoon race at the end – so start warming up!

We have put chairs out for parents in what we thought was the best place.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to solve the fact that the children need to be slightly away from the events so that we can get them in the right place at the right time. This means that we need you to cheer and support the children as much as you can when they are taking part.

Drinks and a barbeque are available and the school council will be selling ice creams for 50p later on in the evening. I do hope you are able to support us and that you enjoy the event.

Cheryl Singleton